One More SubD Symmetry Request - Use case

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added your vote to an open request for the Reflect command to support History.

In the meantime you would need to run Reflect again after editing but the axis or reflection plane is remembered.

RH-55845 is fixed in the latest WIP


This is a huge improvement! It’s also quite interesting to have the choice to use a symmetry plane locked to the axis system. Things can get pretty wild quickly with repetitive reflecting and moving the whole part repetitively!

Would it be possible to work with multiple symmetry planes at the same time? Let’s say a table with four legs… Two symmetry axis, one on X, one on Y

So far, when reflecting geometry, only the sub geometry on the side of the symmetry plane picked during the command can be moved / edited. I don’t always remember which side I picked and end up selecting something I can’t even move. I think it is slightly restricting and would be beneficial if both sides can be edited. Also similar to T-Splines, it would be helpful to see the symmetry plane on the object. In Rhino, there’s not always an edge on this symmetry plane…


This is why we can’t have nice things. We always want more. And I agree with this request.

In fact I want to take it further: It would be very nice and loving if we can exclude certain points only (saved selection?) from symmetry.

Use case example: a car dashboard that is symmetrical everywhere except where it blends to the instrument panel and steering wheel.

If you all agree with this feature addition please like this post. 20 likes gets it automatically into production. (I don’t make the rules, just stating them).



yes, I also want partial symmetry!


and I’m for!
yet the edges on the axis of symmetry must be partially frozen. Prohibit moving left and right. Allow along axis only.

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And if you believe that, I know a very generous Nigerian prince that wants to make you rich.

Says the man that also said:

I don’t know Brian… We all know that it’s just a matter or time until you just can’t help yourself and get it done :rofl:

Part of my job is to lower expectations. How am I doing?


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