One click Preview

Hi all,
this might be a silly question:

Is there a way to change a geometry’s preview settings (on/off) with one click?
I know about right click and ‘preview’ but I was thinking about a visible toggle on the canvas that with a double click you could turn preview on and off -preferably without a plugin-.
(it might seem pedantic but clicks accumulate to hours in the long run)

I usually use the radial menu, seems faster. Also there is the display option in top right of canvas that will only show a components geometry when the component is selected. That’s all I think.

Hi Michael,
I know I sound paranoid here,
but when I have a complex definition, I sometimes want to toggle some crucial geometries on and off repeatedly.
I was even thinking a combination of components that I could bundle together and toggle on/off with a boolean toggle but I can’t find something.

Not at all, I support having more intuitive control over what’s happening on the canvas. Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete/Duplicate by using only mouse, I remember one tool having even gestures :smiley: imagine drawing a symbol with middle mouse and having all selected components deleted or deactivated.

And when the mouse has no MMB?

Sounds like something Metahopper could do.

I generally group by components i want to turn on and off, once grouped you can select all components in the group and turn preview off/on.

Was gonna suggest metahopper also but… plugins are the Devil :smiley:

@anikolo The group toggle in meta can hide/show or enable/disable anything in the same group as it with single clicks.

I’m about to loose control of my tabs with all the plugins I have allready installed (most of which I have for one or two tools)

I found a solution… one click hide/unhide (it even has a pretty icon! hehehe) (14 KB)

I know it’s not exactly what you are after, but just to pitch in with my two cents - I use Ctrl+Q to toggle the visibility of selected components, find it a lot faster than right-clicking.


If you remember the good’o’days, there were mice with only two buttons, and the middle button action was when you pres both (left and right) buttons at the same time.

This is my Motto :slight_smile:

I remember Select, Menu, Adjust. Those were the days. None of your modern Select, Undefined, Menu malarkey.

I didn’t know this shortcut thanks!
but I’m talking about selected hiding. So far I’ve used this bundle and it’s proven useful.

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