Alternative for Right-Click Preview or Stream Filter?

Is there a native and/ or non-native way to toggle a specific component preview on/ off parametrically?

Currently I’m either doing this:

Or constructing something like this:


For testing I often need to toggle component Previews, but using the Stream Filter Toggle method can kill the downstream data. Then the data needs to be regenerated every time I toggle the ‘preview’. With bigger data sets this can take a long time to re-compute.

I’d like to be able to toggle the preview for some components using a remote button (etc), without having to regenerate the downstream data.

Right-click component > Preview also means flying around the canvas (time consuming on a complex definition) and having to be more organized than I think is necessary (i.e. using Named Views and Jump buttons to hop around the canvas and Group Labels to remind myself which components to turn toggle preview off and on.

I think it’d be more efficient to make a control panel on one portion of the canvas where possible.

I’d love to see something like this in Grasshopper 2:

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Nice idea, but I think it would be more efficient to not have an input like that (can you imagine that added to every component, would be redundant). I think it would make more sense to have a special preview boolean switch that can hook to components the same way the timer component does.

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I wasn’t suggesting adding it to every component, but rather being able to add it on ad hoc basis by right-clicking and selecting Preview > Add to Component Input. This would largely follow the existing workflow and make it clear to users where it’s been added. It wouldn’t show up on components unless a user adds it explicitly.
Having said that I like your suggestion as well. Your code Kung Fu is much better than mine. Any sense of how easy that would be to create such a something using Python/ C#?

metahopper can control the preview on/off of components parametrically :slight_smile:

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I was just about to suggest to check metahopper, I had a feeling something like that was in there.

Andrew Heumann to the rescue again!
Cheers & thanks!

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