Grasshopper Preview Selected

Is there any way in the default preview mode to preview selected components regardless of the component’s preview setting? I really like the “selected only preview” mode because I can see exactly what each component is doing by selecting it. I actually usually work in this mode. But this becomes problematic when I want to constantly see a set of components, and also click through others to compare. Enabling “preview selected” in addition to all components with preview enabled would solve this problem.

Side thought: what if there was a preference setting that automatically set new components to “preview off”. By default, I immediately set the all components to “preview off” as I build my script. I prefer to be deliberate with what is previewing.


@DavidRutten any ideas? Maybe a feature for 2.0?

There’s a new feature in gh for Rhino 7 which allows you to draw a boundary around some components which you want to preview. The button for that is next to the Preview Selected toggle on the canvas toolbar. It’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but maybe close enough?

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@DavidRutten Interesting, but I’m not sure this is more efficient than just selecting multiple components in “selected only preview” mode.

Would it be difficult to enable the preview of any selected components regardless of preview on or off? I see three levels of preview:
1 - preview components set to “preview on” (existing)
2 - preview components set to “preview on” and any selected components (my proposal)
3 - preview only selected components (existing)

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