Once for all: How to deal with bad surfaces after Boolean/Split?

Hey guys is there any idea behind why sometimes I get strange splits results? What to do with those ‘transparent’ surfaces?

THanks for your help, Hannes

Sometimes I use duplicate face border, delete the face and planar surface the curves from the dfb and join. Sometimes you can delete the bad surface and cap and join the other surfaces. Sometimes you can use the rebuild command…

As always, it’s much easier to answer usefully if a file is provided.


Sorry, here the file! H
Cubes Split Fail.3dm (328.2 KB)

Hi Hannes - the cutter’s profile curves need to be cleaned up:


Ah ok, so this curve was constructed from two circles, 2 lines and then curve boolean, so hence this is a precision issue. Thanks Pascal!

So all those issues are most likely due to some imprecision, aren’t they?


Yeah, but I cannot, so far, reproduce the problem using CurveBoolean. The file tolerance is maybe a little on the large side for this scale of object but I’d think this would work.