On / Off - Enable / Disable Component

Hi, I tried to find enable / disable component in GH but I didn’t find it .

Is there some solution without plugins ? Some Python script or trick how to do this ?
( I’m mac user and most of the plugins are not available like METAHOPPER for Mac version Rhino 6 )

I have simple example : I’m trying to switching between close and open curve to get different solution.

  • When is close i wan to shift to new curve
  • When is open I want to shift another curve

Thanks for advice

Hei -

You should be able to test the curve with the Closed component and then use Dispatch to use one input curve or the other.

Aha you don’t understand me I want to turn off on way when is curve close and when is open use other way. with keeping cuve or surface.

Some toggle what it can do wit input

Something like this ( " photoshop idea )

Hei - perhaps this does what you need?
Test for closed curve.gh (4.9 KB)

It’s not exactly what i’m looking for but big thanks for example it’s also very useful :slight_smile:

It can work for me but I’m struggling to fix this simple code. May I ask you how can fix it ? I never used VB Script before

Thank you

Hi - This one might then work better for you.
Test for closed curve.gh (8.0 KB)


big thanks :+1: this working for me nicely

Can be helpfull for other people One more thanks for Wim Dekeyser

I strongly recommend using Rhino WIP for mac — it’s at least as stable as Rhino 6, much more feature rich, grasshopper is more performant, and it supports a wider range of plugins (including metahopper)

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