BUG - Enable/Disable Objects doesn't work in Rhino inside

I’m trying to open grasshopper file with RhinoInside and export some .igs Files. Therefore, I wrote a code in C#. Actually it works, if I don’t use On/Off Component from Metahopper.

The idea is basically, that I should open first Rhino and Grasshopper in background. Then, I make it written “RhinoStart.txt” in RhinoStart-Panel via C# Code (first blue circle). Then, I added also another panel (WriteBool) and made a while loop in the code. The loop waits until the panel gets true, then the code sends another true to Panel “lastBool” to export the data. It seems complicated, but I had to add different panels, because I couldn’t close Grasshopper option in Rhinoscript, so my export component didn’t work. My panel idea was right and it worked. However, if I use Enable/Disable Object (red Circle), the code doesn’t export the geometry, because this component doesn’t make the other components enable in batch modus. I really didn’t understand, why it didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong or is it really a bug?

BatchProblem.gh (11.7 KB)
BatchCode.txt (4.7 KB)
RhinoStart.txt (62 Bytes)

Metahopper is only designed to work in a normal, running instance of rhino. Since it messes with the normal solution flow, it doesn’t behave like normal components, and I’m not surprised it wouldn’t work in a batch scenario, which is probably designed to run the grasshopper solution exactly once through.

I got also the same result, when I wrote a C# code, which makes basically the same thing like Enable/Disable component does. However, the result was the same. Can we say that this enable/disable components doesn’t work in rhino batch modus in any case? or if you have another idea, how i can solve the problem? I would be glad for any help.