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I just tried to search something on the old Grasshopper site and it returned much less relevant results than I use to get. What happened to the old search engine results? Please don’t retire the old site and it’s goodies (for the search, gallery, etc) there is a wealth of information there, which is becoming less accessible! (thus far it’s evident to me that for Grasshopper–a visual programming tool–the old forum had more to offer, perhaps that can be improved here somehow!)


We’ll keep it around, but the search was always bad. We were using a Google search function in addition to ning search, but they started displaying more and more ads recently, regardless of how much we paid them. I heard something about us switching to a new search engine for all our sites recently.

@scottd is this something you’d like to keep track of?

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I noticed this too. A search on the words “tool path” return many links to this site:

But not to these two posts from me at Ning…

A bit of code to optimize the cutting tool path on a grid of hexagons:

Another example of “extreme” CNC detail, generating a modified tool path of “end mill” vs. “ball mill” bits. Color gradient indicates depth of cutting tool:

On this topic:

I noticed that the Discussions menu point on the personal pages have disappeared (along with the personal posting feed a while back), making it substantially more difficult to dig up old posts/threads for referencing them over here on Discourse (especially if the search is also broken/wonky):



@AndersDeleuran Yes this is really annoying. I had to search for topics using my name as a search entry.

@scottd is this something that you can bring back or is it a NING thing?

It’s hard to imagine all that knowledge is now lost just for the sake of recreating it here.


The search wasn’t perfect but it was much better than this…I’m seeing the old site slowly disappearing. Many students/learners/educators are very disappointed. I want to thank all the Grasshopper experts and contributors that everyday answered questions and helped with their detail insights, hopefully it won’t be lost.
In the mean time a better search would be to use Google again for instant to search for humanui (copy without the “”):
" site:http://www.grasshopper3d.com humanui "
over 2100 results…
only 4 results!

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Search was far from perfect on the old Ning site. The inability to sort results by date (most recent first) was often frustrating. Hard to believe this change has made it so much worse. How about improving it instead? There is a lot of valuable material there that should not be lost.

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Google let you create custom search engine for a site: https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/2630969?hl=en
here is one for the old GH site:



Much better! Thank you. With sort by date option. Haven’t found a way to link to it with keywords though?

Is Google phasing out site search? This still works, somewhat different results:


Ning sidebar Google “Search Grasshopper”: “No search results: tool path oster” That’s just wrong.


We changed the search engine way from Google. They started showing Advertising on the results.

Just tell me the search terms you are using and what you are looking for. We will see if we can tune up the new engine to work better.

I’d rather have functional search with ads than making it impossible to find prior work without ads. Useless now. On the old Ning site, I don’t even see a link from profile pages to thread posts by that person? Still there, just can’t find them anymore; “My Discussions” as they were called: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topic/listForContributor?user=1ikby66i8log6

100% Agree with this, I miss the old site! I also miss how the discussion would often show images in the list view. Thus making it much easier to browse and find relevant topics. This new site seems to have potential, of course, however still a long way to go imo.

The new forums have a similar option for discussions. If you go to your profile in the upper right, then click on your username:


I also like the old one.
I’m not used to the new BBS these days. The main reason is that the topics about GH are mixed with other categories besides using one more keyword . And secondly, previous posts were disappeared. :sob:emphasized text I use chrome+Ghostery(plug-in)to get rid of advertisements.


White background looks clear~I like the new one but grasshoppers are green :joy: so I miss green.

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Even the dedicated homepage for one of GH plugins is providing better category and old site connections “here”(http://discourse.ladybug.tools/).
Is there any way that a subcategory only for GH can be seen rather than being operated on one or two subcategories of mcneel discourse?

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Mostapha started his own Discourse forum, that is why he has a higher level domain for his threads.

The main level Grasshopper forum is: https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/grasshopper

I may add some green to the forum. I like the green also.

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Yes please Scott the solid white is hurting my eyes :wink: