Peregrine Aviary Gismo Gismo is a free and open source Grasshopper plugin for GIS environmental analysis. Emu Emu is an interactive structural analysis and form-finding tool based on a 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) formulation of the dynamic relaxation method allowing engineers and designers to run bi-axial bending and torsion simulations in the parametric environment of Grasshopper3d. It is aimed to be used in early design stages but yet giving real structural feedback. Ivy Ivy uses notions and algorithms from Graph Theory and applies them towards mesh geometry exploration. With Ivy for Grasshopper you can segment any given 2-manifold mesh for purposes ranging from flat sheet fabrication to visualization and further editing. metahopper Welcome to MetaHopper - The plugin that lets you control Grasshopper with Grasshopper! Karamba karamba3d is an interactive, parametric finite element program. It lets you analyze the response of 3-dimensional beam and shell structures under arbitrary loads. GH for Mac A very early alpha version of Grasshopper for Mac is available in the RhinoWIP for testing and feedback. Kangaroo Kangaroo is a Live Physics engine for interactive simulation, optimization and form-finding directly within Grasshopper. ShapeDiver This is the support forum for ShapeDiver, the world’s first platform for online parametric 3D. Monitored by ShapeDiver GmbH ( - Human Welcome to Human for Grasshopper! Pufferfish The Pufferfish is one of few animals which is capable of changing its shape. This category is for the Pufferfish Grasshopper plugin that is a set of components which focuses on Tweens, Blends, Morphs, Averages, Transformations, & Interpolations - essentially Shape Changing. Human UI
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