"Ok" & "Cancel" Missing From Button Edit Dialogue

When I try to create a new button on the toolbar or edit a pre-existing button/macro, the edit dialogue does not display the “Ok” or “Cancel” buttons at the bottom. I have a custom toolbar that I imported into Rhino WIP (6.0.17192.6471, 07/11/2017). Toolbar was built in Rhino 5.

Discovered this issue as my macros were not working correctly in Rhino WIP and was trying to troubleshoot/update them.

Rhino 5 Edit Window:

Rhino WIP (6.0.17192.6471, 07/11/2017) Edit Window:

Was curious if anyone else has come across this issue?

The dialog is complete in here.
Do the buttons appear when you drag the lower right corner of the dialog?

I had tried resizing the dialogue window and unfortunately that did not work. The dialogue buttons are also missing when I try to create a new macro button. If I create a new tab/toolbar I receive the same results as well.

I’ll be away for the weekend so I won’t be able to troubleshoot anymore until Monday.

Hm that is strange - @JohnM - do you have an idea?


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That is really odd, I have not seen that before. Might try making sure your DPI settings are at 100% and try it.

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I’m at 125%, and the buttons are there.

Is your setting 110%?
In my experience, this leads to the strangest effects.

I see optical glitches only:

This is found in many places in Rhino.

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Hey all, back on. Had a chance to trouble shoot further. Made some progress. Its kind of weird.

-Rhino 5 displays the buttons in all of the following combinations without fail so these images are of WIP only.
-The % is the “Scale and Layout” setting in Windows

My setup is a main screen with 1360x768 res and second monitor @1920x1080.

Only main monitor active (1360x768) @ 100%: Nothing

Only main monitor active (1360x768) @ 125%: Nothing

Only second monitor active (1920x1080) @ 100%: Works

Only second monitor active (1920x1080) @ 125%: Works

Only second monitor active (1920x1080) @ 150%: Nothing

The weirdest thing is the dialog box is affected differently in extended display mode where Rhino is only displayed on my main (X), lower resolution screen.

Extended monitors; (1360x768)(X) @ 100%, (1920x1080) @ 100%: Works

Extended monitors; (1360x768)(X) @ 100%, (1920x1080) @ 125%: Works

Extended monitors; (1360x768)(X) @ 100%, (1920x1080) @ 150%: Nothing

So the scale of the screen Rhino is not displayed on is affecting the way it is drawn on the other. And, the buttons will display on the lower resolution screen only if they would display on the second, active, higher resolution screen.

I’m guessing this is an edge case because of my setup, though I imagine this might get ironed out by the final version because it only happens in the WIP build.

My lower res screen is 36" and my HD screen is 20" so I have to use the larger as my main monitor and the smaller HD scaled to 175% as the second. Heh

@JohnM - John, just a heads-up… I don’t know if Joshua’s last two posts are of interest…