Lost Custom Buttons on Fresh Install

Hey guys,

I needed to do a clean install (because of some probs) and lost the custom code in some of my buttons. I guess the ones I made myself still work, but the ones I modified on default toolbars no longer have the custom language in the Edit area.

I did save all in the toolbar File…Save All, but they didn’t save (assuming because I erased and reinstalled Rhino)

Would that info be anywhere, of do I just need to move forward and red0 them?


If you named your toolbar file something else than “default” it should still be there in the same folder as the default .rui file. If you didn’t save it under a different name, then it most likely got overwritten by the new install. Always save your toolbar file with a new name if you modify it and plan to keep the changes.

probably boned myself, but no biggie - thanks fo rthe info.

Hey, while you’re there: I can’t find my Rhino 6 Template Folder. Any thoughts? I saw you helped this for someone on Rh5 a while ago. Did I do something wrong with my fresh Install of latest Rhino 6?

when you have rhino open and click in file -> new rhino will ask you to pick a template for the new file and show the templates folder and its location in the process. This doesn’t work on startup though since the openFileDialog is replaced by the beautiful splash screw that we all love.