ButtonEditor needs scroll bar, it's too long

Hi @wim, the Button Editor is way too long if we use -RunPythonScript ()
So it needs a scroll bar, if the script is too long then I can’t find the “OK” button.

Here you can see what happens, on this button I can’t reach the top:

Which is a problem since saving the toolbar removed the old icons once again… :expressionless:
Only the new icons were saved + one old, while those who were the before are replaced with (X)'s…


I hope you can put some resources into the toolbar issues asap so we can start using V8 and preparing updating our tools in a reliable way.

I have not moved any of the SVG files, but I presume and need for the toolbar to save these icons in the rui file.

I don’t think a scrollbar is needed because you can’t edit the text in this dialog.
The whole dialog is superflous, or I don’t get the sense.

It would be better if the next dialog (Edit Macro) had the left and right button edit tools.

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(8.0.23125.12175, 2023-05-05)

Button Editor doesn’t show up at all.

Hmm, it shows up here… (shift+right-click on a button)

And, it now seems to have been reverted to the form where you can edit both LMB and RMB directly in the first dialog, as in V7. :astonished:

Going to have to go through now and see what has changed in the button editing process.

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No dialog in here.
And yes, my Shift key works ok, and the right mouse button as well.

_Reset didn’t change the situation.
And also not a reboot.

OS is in German and Rhino is in German.

awesome, thanks guys!

Aha, in English it works.

Yep, I see that now, my OS is English but in my German scheme of Rhino, Shift+Right click does not work to open the button editor. Nor in French… Something didn’t get translated yet.

This seems to work OK here, great to have the ability to click OK on long scripts again, but I still loose all old icons when saving a toolbar file, only the once I replaced or added are saved. I don’t understand why this bug shall be able to last for weeks, it makes it impossible for me to use V8 right now. Every time I fix the toolbar the old icons that were working are lost again.


I can update the icons and close and open Rhino and they are all OK:

But if I save the toolbar and close and open Rhino then it looks like this:


So PLEASE fix the save bug as soon as possible.

And it is a bit confusing that we add commands to a library, but the library command in Rhino opens the materials from Render Content.
And that we add the tools in the library to the toolbar and save the toolbar from Appearance, but there we don’t see the name ‘library’ as now it’s called ‘linked files’.
And the tools in the library is called up by the ‘Macros’ command.

All this needs it’s own UI and consistent naming that make sense so we can quickly handle and make sure that everything is correct and good to go IMO.

We also have the ‘Toolbars’ command, but that seems to only be used to toggle what in each library is visible. This is where I want to edit my macros, add them to toolbars, save toolbars and import them too.

Also see here:

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@wim and @pascal are there any news on the saving of toolbars and the lost svg icons?

@brian already explained it . They hare actively ignoring this/us. We are their last priority and they are only focusing on default users first. This was McNeel’s strategic decision.

So here we are. After all these months (even years by now) of V8 WIP our entire team has use V8 zero days so far for any real/production work. This was also McNeel’s strategic decision.

The worse part: knowing how well McNeel does any kind of real world QA and testing, and also how well the typical default users also test and report bugs, we are up for a really bumpy ride ahead this time around.


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Well, that’s not entirely true - if you checked in the last WIP, you will find that the V7-style button editing system has been restored (couple of posts on that elsewhere). I imagine all of this is still in flux - some of the changes based on the recent heated discussions here - and we will see more of it working in the coming weeks.

Hi Mitch, The fact that they are scrambling at this now and doing so much reshuffling only confirms that this was their last priority. In fact, it was not even a priority at all until you started bringing it up. The stuff they have been offloading to customers to ‘test’ has had an absolutely embarrassing level of work, thought, and care. I’m not sure what of my statements you are saying as not entirely true.

I so look forward to being proven wrong, so wrong, and being shown that they are so on top of this, and I’m just a cranky customer who does not understand software development.

I want to be ashamed, to eat all my words, to be call “alarmist!” once we see how amazing the workspace work in V8 turns out, once it’s ship-ready. I really do.

I’ll wait to test until I’m told their work will not eat/destroy/delete my work. I need to use and test V8 with my own tools, and until my tools/toolbars can be properly imported without being gone/damage, I’m not even touching any of this.


HI Gustavo,

Well, you are of course entitled to your view of things…

As I am a true believer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I choose to believe that they indeed thought it would be a good system - otherwise they would never have even started on that path. Yes, sometimes their judgement is questionable (whose isn’t?) but I do not believe for a moment that they do not care about us, the users. The whole company is really based on the exact opposite of that.

The silver lining in all this is they actually listened to our complaints about the button editor mess and did a u-turn even at this late stage. Which also means that there’s going to be a lot of juggling to get the system stable again. It also seems they’re struggling with a lot of the ETO and icon stuff - this is all new development, throwing 20+ years of Windows-only forms out the window.

Anyway, I understand where you’re coming from, you have to manage your team and get production work done every day. Staying away from the WIP is probably best for you until it settles out some more. My situation is completely different, being a (semi-) retired guy with enough time on my hands to test some of this stuff and write a bunch of gritty forum posts…


You are right, I’m in a rat race, busy, middle-aged, design consultancy, rushed-all-the-time mode, and my reactions to McNeel’s latest twists and turns are more a reflection of my own reality, not theirs.

I look forward to a future where I can be less reactive and more chill, like all the McNeel millionaires, and all the semi-retired geniuses like you :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Please keep up the good fight for us, we need you!


Button editing in the WIP is much better than it was a few months ago. So far I haven’t had any issues, but I’ve just begun to redo the icons again. If I find any issues I’ll post them in a new topic.

Still not working in (8.0.23136.12095, 2023-05-16)