Offset surface incorrect

Offest surface it does not work well: whatever the set tolerance. For example, a 1/100 gives this result:

OffsetSrf bug.3dm (99.4 KB)
Please check you.

That offset works good on my machine.

I tried it on 1957 Chevy and it did not work.:wink:

Sorry, but why does some work and others do not? What connection is there with the machine? Rhino is not always the same for everyone? Do you have a special version?

I would rather say (again…) that it is you that has a special version…

Rhinoceros 0.0 - (null) [Full], build 2015-08-10 - (compiled Aug 10 2015)

:pirats_ahead: :sailboat: :skull_and_crossbones:


In the good old days we hanged pirates on the main yard.:skull_and_crossbones: There is no reason to use pirated copy of Rhino. If you want to figure out whether Rhino is worth buying, you can get free demo which actually saves 30 models.

The Pirate Party is the largest political party in Iceland.:astonished:
The main cause of the copyright mess is the way internet works. There is no easy way to charge one cent for reading newspaper article, and there is no way to find out if a PDF-only book is worth buying. For example, you cannot browse PDF book about superconductivity before buying the book.

True, but think of the good side - how easily you find out all about books on avoiding large ships .



But if a simple user who wanted to use Rhino for “game”, and wants to buy a license, without being a student, a teacher, a researcher, a university … does he necessarily have to spend 1200 euros? (not everyone can afford this price, not all are archistars, entrepreneurs and designers in important studies or companies).
The trial version lasts 90 days and after this time it is no longer possible to save any files (how do you model without being able to save a file? Or install a plug-in for testing?).
Who creates profit is right that you pay that amount (or even more), but who models only for pleasure in his room, without commercial purposes, non-profit, it is right that he should spend that amount? It may take a symbolic amount, and you will see that no one will crack your software, like many others!

With this I do not want to justify piracy!

(I use Rhino only at home, for pleasure, for passion, without making money! If it should be used for my work I will buy a license, when I want it! I am against pirated software!
In my work (freelance architect), in the studio, I use other kinds of software, such as Archicad and ArtLantis render, of which I own the “original” licenses.
I do not believe in damaging anyone (they are neither the first nor the only one: we control all users, one by one!).
Nothing to hide!
Where is the problem?

NB: I do a lot of publicity on Rhino and I contributed to the sale of some licenses: my work has nothing to do with the modeling offered by Rhino. Also i write for some sectorial news magazines (Cad in particular) and I have always praised (even criticized) Rhinoceros!..

Well, if it’s a hobby, or “for pleasure”, do as any hobbyist who does not want to pay for something does - use free software or join your municipal adult education centre that offers software courses.

If your hobby is flying drones but you don’t want to pay - would you think shoplifting or buying online with a stolen credit card is a good solution? No matter how you spin this story - theft is theft.


Who said I do not want to pay? You say that. A price not exaggerated, however …
I did not get even a cent from using Rhino, in my room, I did not steal anything from anyone!
In many years I have written and praised this software and I have suggested to some of my colleagues the purchase of licenses for their studies … Does it seem to have stolen something?

I, actually, remember you as a one of the most whining guys. And you don’t even own a licence…

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Well, see wim’s comment above. You’re seem to be using a crack.

I also want the new Porsche Mission-E for €1999,95 next year after launch; it’s just “for pleasure”.

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