Bug with offset surface

we have find a old old bug on rhino 6 SR 1 to SR 16 :slight_smile:

The offset commande bug.

1 make a surface
2 run the “_OffsetSrf” command
3 select the flipall many times and bug.

the _OffsetSrf is validate automaticly :S its verry annoying

do you see the probleme?

Best regards

I am unable to reproduce this problem with running the FlipAll command line option many times.

Are you able to repeat it in the current Service Release of V6?

Hello, sorry for the late response.
yes. actualy, I have the problem.
my rhino 6 version is SR 26
i uploading a short video without sound to explain the bug
Bug offset srf.zip (11.5 MB)

I am at a loss to understand why you can repeat the problem and I can not.

Maybe another user can reproduce the issue and get us pointed towards a clue.
I’m out of ideas.

Hello - can you please run the command from the command line by typing


and Enter, and see if it behaves the same way? If this works as expected, please edit the button that you click in your video clip and copy and paste the full macro that is running from that button.



you have find the good solution. the problem is with my toolbar buton :S

Damn, I didn’t have the presence of mind to check the button :S
Sorry for the annoyance

My old command button.