HELP. Surface issues with fillet type commands


I’m having some issues with getting the desired surface on my model. I’ve gone through the fillet type commands as I imagined this would be the solution but have no luck.
Looking at the form, the spheres are overlapping, I want them to blend together as one undulating surface. The screenshot hopefully gives you an idea of the issue. I’ve attached the file as well for anyone who fancies assisting - would be greatly appreciated as always! The form is to be a vase made out of blown glass. :slight_smile:


Hello- tiny edges like this will be a problem:

I’d make sure all the spheres intersect cleany before unioning them.


Try a smaller radius for the fillets.

Sometimes manual trimming of fillet surfaces is needed when filleting in Rhino.

What Rhino version are you using?

Interface Name: Rhinoceros 0.0 - (null) Undefined, build 0000-00-00 - (compiled Sep 17 2014) :-1: