Offset surface from Revit geometry

Hi everyone, I am trying to offset surface of some Revit models, by RhinoInsideRevit.
From the tutorial, it shows that the the geometry output could directly link to a Brep input, but I get an error message: Data conversion failed from Curve to Brep.
The screen capture shows all the work from both tut. and my own work.
Can anyone tell the difference and the failure reasons?
Thank you very much.

From tutorial (21.0 KB)

My work

geometry issue (13.8 KB)

The Course Level of Detail casts to a curve, you can expose the picker or select Detail Level by right clicking on the label.

The definition is modeling fireproofing?

Yes, the definition is modeling fireproofing.

After I have place a ‘Detail Level picker’ to ‘Element Geometry’, it works.
Thank you very much for your help.

Here’s a slightly different take on it.

re_geometry issue (9.4 KB)