Direct shape error: Input geometry is not valid

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to use direct shape to transfer a facade from Rhino to revit and I’m getting the following error message for some of the geometry:
Direct shape error: Rhino.inside.Revit.GH: Input geometry is not valid. Stored Bounding Box extends far outside of computed bounding box.

I was using Revit 2019 and Rhino inside 1.2. Upgraded both to Revit 2021 and Rhino inside 1.3.But the problem persists.

This is part of a thread of conversation that I had with Japhy here:

So basically the same code is working for them, but not for me. I appreciate any suggestions you might have.


I’m curious if there are any types other than Brep/Surface going into the Direct Shape Geometry.

Can you use a Flatten after the B output value and Create Set and see what we are working with? Thanks

So apparently there were also some curves there. After dispatching them, still I’m getting this error for create set: Invalid cast: Brep » Primitive Data Type

you would need to run it through a Text component first for the Cset to work in this case.

Thank you! Here’s the result:

I just ran a quick test of dispatching those invalid breps to see if it helps. Without them, the error changes to this and the geometry is still not in revit:

This is getting us closer. Is it possible to do this in a fresh file with a new Add DirectShape component?this may be due to tracking associated with this component.

New Revit File, Lock the solver, open up rhino - grasshopper and replace the Add DirectShape component before enabling the solver.

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Hi Japhy! This worked! Although the component is still orange with a “naked edges” warning message, the geometry is now in Revit. Thanks!

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