Offset random wave curves?

I’m looking for ideas how to solve this in grasshopper.
first, how to define random wave curve, so they all are different but also tangent in several spots.
so parametrically change number of lines, number of tangencies between them…

After that i think i know how to add an offset mid curve and loft them.
goal is this king of geometry, hoping to have it parametric.

Check if this thread in old forum is of some help to you.

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You also could look at that

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This is pretty amazing patch you shared:

it has an issue of overlaps, I need it tangent, no overlaps.

and ill still need to figure out how it work so i can increase the amounts of wobbles per line.

Here is a thing - using the pairs of curves from your other thread: (28.0 KB)

It probably won’t do well with intersecting curves (used as rails for Sweep2).

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