Offset or move curves with different distance

Hi guys
I start my idea with a sample example.
i want to convert fingerprint curves to an image sampler
I think first of all we should start with offset or move curves with different distance.

FGI Layout (83.0 KB)

and after that we should add image sampler and set distances that we need and then use loft.
if it is true please tell me how we can add offset or move to a lot of curves with different directions?
is there anyway to have variable offset to achieve the distance we want in our image sampler?
what is your opinion?
I am waiting for your ideas.

Any news?

I don’t understand what you are up to, anyway you can check this if you want…

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Thank you for your attention.
I want to build face image sampler from a fingerprint.
its similar to this picture but instead of spiral we need to use fingerprint as reference
if you need further information let me know.

You already said that. And this is a DUPLICATE THREAD!!!

This looks like exactly what you’ve asked for?

Thank you
May I ask you to upload grasshopper algorithm to see

I’ve created curves and I want to offset them in different directions.
This user create this but he didn’t upload the algorithm!
He uploaded on instagram!!! But didn’t share my idea!

He asked me money!!!

Is this legal?
He used my idea but didn’t share anything!

Have you written and posted ANYTHING yourself?

This is a new idea!
I could create a fingerprint curves and i don’t know how can i offset and convert it to the fingerprint!

Ouah I didn’t asked money I wanted you to show some work. For sure it is your idea, but it seems difficult to give credit to someone without its real name. Is Tube your family name? Don’t worry I will not make money with your idea.
I think you are after something like that.

Thank you
Tube is my name.
What was your problem?
How can I download grasshopper file?
This is an educational froum.

Ok fair enough Y. Tube. For sure it is educational, but as most people trying to help do it for free, it is a frustration to not see effort from the learner.
FGI Layout (31.8 KB)


3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files
7. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

Thank you
is there any difference between this algorithm and this picture that you created .
it seems that you used a better and more natural way.
is it true?

I got some errors on Nurbes curves and loft.
do you have this problem?

I thought here is a technical support forum for users. :wink: @laurent_delrieu already provided a solution for you anyway, check this as well.

And I believe there are so many similar topics in this discourse so, I think your question is not a new one and a new idea as well.

FGI Layout (257.7 KB)

Thank you very much.
I think its is better.
I couldn’t find similar on the web and thus i told you that it is a new idea!


this guy hardcoded your idea in Processing something like 7 years ago:

I see you are pretty eager to take credit for your ideas
I’m sure you can ping him on Github to credit him for his original idea you are asking people to emulate for you in another programming language

a gift from my own personal experience, probably might be of help also to you:
for an idea to be considered original: best not to find it on google page two

best of luck with his script


thank you very much
i downloaded this plugin and i dont know i get error!

which version are you using?

Hi -

The error message says that it couldn’t convert your text to a bitmap. That means that the Image Bitmap input on that component is asking for a picture, not the path to a picture.

Hi Again
I am trying to change the fingerprint curves and i dont know what is problem?
most of the curves are closed but the picture is not clear when we set multiple curves!
may I ask you to help me to solve the problem?

FGI Layout (300.4 KB)