Offset non planar Polyline with different distances


Would it be possible to offset a non planar polyline in Grasshopper with differen values?

For example:
Side A = 10mm Offset
Side B = 15mm Offset

Thank you!


Any reason not to create the offset curves separately, one on each side with the desired offset distance?

I am not sure if I then can join it again to a closed curve again (since it is not planar)

The directions of the offset will probably be chaotic, so I would need to offset each line-segment in both directions and then figure out which one to take

I then need to trim and split each line before joining them again

Can you provide a file with an example of the input and the desired output?


Hey David,

I guess I would need something like this:

Different Offset Curve.3dm (89.8 KB)

Thanks for your help!

this should be reliable as long as the offset of the sides intersect each other (32.5 KB)

but when something like this happens it’s game over :frowning:

there might easily be better solutions… :slight_smile: