How to link two different curves and offset?

Hi all, I am new to using grasshopper and just wanted to ask if there is a tool to connect one curve to another which are different shapes and offset them until it reaches the second curve? and still, have each offset level editable so I can change rotation and height as shown in my screenshots below?

On the second screenshot, this also shows the path direction I want it to go in. The first screenshot shows the current result of the curves I have, but due to the curves being completely different it breaks once geometry changes drastically.

I hope this is clear what I want to achieve,



Might need something to start with. Can you provide a gh file with internalised data?

Hi Adam,

did you try using Pufferfish plugin? There you can do various Offset and Inbetween commands.

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Sorry for reply so late I was really busy with work during the week. Here is the file the script is messy I’ll admit since I didn’t know any solution achieve the idea.

Pavilion_Spire_Concept.3dm (36.2 KB) (26.3 KB)