How to link two different curves and offset?

Hi all, I am new to using grasshopper and just wanted to ask if there is a tool to connect one curve to another which are different shapes and offset them until it reaches the second curve? and still, have each offset level editable so I can change rotation and height as shown in my screenshots below?

On the second screenshot, this also shows the path direction I want it to go in. The first screenshot shows the current result of the curves I have, but due to the curves being completely different it breaks once geometry changes drastically.

I hope this is clear what I want to achieve,



Might need something to start with. Can you provide a gh file with internalised data?

Hi Adam,

did you try using Pufferfish plugin? There you can do various Offset and Inbetween commands.

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Sorry for reply so late I was really busy with work during the week. Here is the file the script is messy I’ll admit since I didn’t know any solution achieve the idea.

Pavilion_Spire_Concept.3dm (36.2 KB) (26.3 KB)

Can you post a sketch of what you’re trying to achieve? I’m still unclear as to what you want done

Yeah sure, so I want to offset a series of curves but have the shape slowly form into the small circle at the top as it moves upwards In the Z plane. Currently, the shape is made out of three different curves, a custom one, oval and circle which is why the current geometry is broken as the loft can’t seamlessly create a surface between the custom curve and the oval curve.

The question I have is there a way to have the same effect I have shown but a lot cleaner so if I was the loft the curves I could get a similar effect but far more seamless. But also have control of each curve individually to move on X, Y, Z plane if I want them to be more centred or higher and lower.

I hope these screenshots help explain thins getter and again thank you for your time.

Like this?

Spire (18.6 KB)

Yes, it’s getting there but I realised you’ve used the same curve throughout the geometry, what about if you use two different curves? like the custom one you displayed on one end and a circle on the other, could you still do what you displayed?

What i have used is tween curves

What is basically does is calculate the ‘average’ between the two curves and generate said curve. I have used your initial custom curve and circle as the tweening inputs

If you want a curve closer to what the top curve is, you can use the last tweened curve and then scale it as you desire.

If you want custom curves, it is going to be difficult in grasshopper as it won’t be driven parametrically. You’d be better off in rhino if you want to manipulate each curve manually

I see, thank you for your all help I think I know what to do going forward!