Merge wall by makelab

Hi everyone! Can someone help me to get started on grasshopper to create a wall like this?

I don’t remember which of these recent threads is the most useful but your project looks very similar.

And don’t forget the XRay image of the knee. :wink:

Thank you Joseph! I was looking through the link but they are the same as some youtube tutorials.

I was searching a way to modify the two sides of some repeated 2cm by 2cm profiles through an image sampler,

I used the image to clarify my idea!

Except there are some working examples posted, like these:

Try harder!

Yes I understand,
it was a wink :wink: because it was a bit strange for me to discover XRay image. I am not sure Xray image is the best thing in a waiting room.

Thank you Joseph! Practicaly i can extrude the planar output and obtain the reference i was asking in the pictures.

I think what you want is not what is on the image. To me for the “image” they used a V tool.
And if you speak of extrusion you need

But whatever you have all the tools to do what you want with Grasshopper.


@HS_Kim did something like this in this post…

Yes, you are right! I was thinking to obtain this by generating a middle between two lines and move that middle line in z. Than loft the 3 curves.