Image sampler fingerprint

i want to create face of humans with fingerprint reference.
please see pictures:

i am looking for a short algorithm that can switch between white and black color.


is there any way to show human faces like a fingerprint?
use this picture to show your ideas.
I am waiting for your ideas and solutions.

First of all I think we should make an algorithm for fingerprint only.
Is it true?

fingerprint could done using directional reaction diffusion.
For more schematic there could be ways using offset and others tricks.

Any news?
I want to make a parametric fingerprint?
Can you helo me?

You could find an image of a fingerprint then vectorize it with this:

I want to make a parametric fingerprint and then make a picture from it


Can you tell me hiw to create a picture like this?

@tube, There are alot of different ways one can achieve this. Here is a web app done that allows similar concepts. They have sample java snippet available.

You can translate it to your liking. Hope this helps.

Thank your but i want to do it with grasshopper.
Nobody is here to answer me?

@tube, The linke given by @DanielPiker is really helpful.
Here is a link to a very good example I learnt from in the past about image sampler

Here is a quick sketch script on similar approach and for what you are looking for.

Not a very efficient setup but it works to what is needed.
GHScript__ Monalisa Spiral (537.3 KB)

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you know there are search engine like Google you can use them with key words like “grasshopper” “image sampler” “curve” “line” …

Then you refine your search you can just search on discourse putting


Thank you.
But I think this not my answer.
Is there anyway to create parametric fingerprint?

Yes there are ways ! Did you look at the link just above?

I explain roughly how to do what you want. You have all the elements up to you to gather them on the way you want to work. If you can’t, pay someone to do the job.


thank you.
i want to use a clear vector as fingerprint.
is it possible?

yes it is possible as it is a vector you can use the border as curves.

If you want just the middle it is a bit more difficult. You’ll have to use Medial Axis.

please tell me more about the price.

If you want to hire someone, post a discussion with this tag.

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No i don’t want to hire someone!
Here is an educational group and i want to learn how to do it!
And i think there are people who can do it and share their ideas.
you speak about payment and i asked a question about price.
I will wait for another person who give me an answer.

I share lot of ideas. In order to get help it is best if you show some of your work. Because at the moment your purpose seems not detailed enough. What are your inputs(exactly)? What are the outputs? Engraving, plotters, 3d printing, laser cutting, …

I want only a 2d picture to work with the idea.
I don’t want it for a project and I want to try.

But the lines that I need should be bold and regular.
I am looking for a clear vector with soft lines.
One bold line in the center not 2 lines. ( Exactly like the vectors that I’ve uploaded)