Offset multiple points along multiple curves

Hi guys,
Very simple question : How can i offset aseries of points along a series of curves with specific distances?

GRIDSHELL FINALE incliné.gh (117.9 KB)


Try this!

I’ve simply offset the lines by a value (using a slider so it’s easy for you to change) then popped those curves back into the divide curves function.

Hope this is what you were after! :slight_smile:

GRIDSHELL FINALE incliné (120.7 KB)

thanks for the respond man.
its not what im looking for. i want to offset all points from the ‘divide curve’ to the right but on the ‘brep plane’

If it’s so simple, why bother asking the question?

All points on each circle or just one on each circle? What are the “specific distances”?

‘Offset’ or ‘Move’? "to the right’ on the circle? Which way is “right”? What ‘brep plane’?

The question isn’t clear at all so it’s not simple. Make it so!

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Is this what you mean? Very simple. Sure…

GRIDSHELL_FINALE_incliné (119.2 KB)