Offset multiple curves in the same direction


I would like to offset multiple curves in the same direction (Y axis).
Whenever I do this, half of my curves offset to the wrong direction.
Any way to do this? If possible, I would like to avoid plugins.

try give it a plane and us a file

It does exactly the same when i set a plane.Offset (5.0 KB)

you may want to join them before

Nope, join curves does not work

missing (6.3 KB)

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Thanks for you reply. I don’t think this is the solution. I would like the lines to offset in the Y direction. This solution only offsets the lines in the Z direction.

Offset in the Y direction is just a Move isn’t it? You haven’t made it clear what you want. Try using a different plane input - a plane is not a vector, though GH might guess at your intent.

P.S. Keep it simple! (4.0 KB)

Essentially it is a move, yes. However, i wanted to add series. That’s why i said offset.
You are right that i had to use another plane. For some reason it didn’t come to my mind. My bad :slight_smile:


I have no idea what you mean? This is about as basic as GH gets. (5.2 KB)

P.P.S. Internalizing the input of a component can be confusing and limit solution options. It’s better to internalize geometry as an explicit param component, like this: (4.4 KB)

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