Offset for object pivot point

I have been using Bongo 1 for a long time and just lost my 32bit machine and have to
move up to Bongo 2. Unfortunately, Bongo 1 animations don’t work in Bongo 2.
Here is what I am struggling with:

  • say we have a cylinder where the length of the cylinder is the Z axis
  • I can rotate and animate on that standard Z axis, as is
  • however, I need to rotate that cylinder 45 degrees (on the Y axis) and still have it rotate on the objects Z axis.
    I am struggling to get this to work, as there are many more parameters in Bongo 2
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Ken

Hi Ken,

Bongo 2 is supposed to be backward compatible with Bongo 1!
Can you please specify what exactly isn’t ‘working’?

About the cylinder: I guess your struggle is over when you disable the “Rotate in world space” option in the cylinder’s Bongo Properties.


That looks like the issues, I loaded the Bongo 1 file and removed the ‘Rotate in world space’ setting and it works…

So, can you please let me know when you disable the Rotate in world space to allow the part to rotate within its own Z access, I have tried a few times but it still rotates in world space
Thanks Ken

With the option “Rotate in world space” enabled the rotation is executed as if the pivot is parallel to the World axis, regardless its own actual orientation.
Disabling allows the rotation to be executed along the direction(s) in which the pivot is tilted.
See for yourself: World-Object-space.3dm (55.5 KB) In the model for the red tube “Rotate in world space” is disabled: it rotates nicely along its own Z-axis.


Thanks, got it… It wasn’t working for me when I was in Animate mode, looks like you need to move the objects to where you want them before entering Aminate mode

When in animate mode, objects and viewports remember their current location, rotation, scale (and other changes) for the current timeline slider position. So location, rotation, scale etc. vary throughout various keyframes: that’s the essence of animation.

The results of alterations (location, rotation, …) made outside animation mode are permanent. So the tilting by 45° of your cylinder has to be made outside Animation mode.