How to rotate object pivot?


I’m looking for a way to rotate the object pivot like I can move it because I like to animate an object in z-direction of the turned pivot.


An object’s pivot can be rotated with the BongoRotatePivot command.
The button is in the Utilities section of Bongo’s Object Properties.

I don’t know what exactly you have in mind, but notice:

  • Position always uses World directions, no matter how the pivot is orientated.
  • For Rotation it depends on the object’s Bongo property setting “Rotate in world space” (on by default)
  • Scaling is always according to the pivot’s directions.

Hi Luc,

thank you for all suggestions, more than I hoped to get. :slight_smile:

So there is no direct way to move the card along the object axis away from the paper fan? I need a quick out-in-movement. The cards are the child of the deforming paper fan. My hope was to animate along the aligned z-axis.

I can switch to object space, but it is still using the world space.


OK Micha, I think I see the problem.

The trick is to make the moving objects (cards?) child of a proxy (a dummy object, mostly a point) and then rotate the proxy rather than rotating his pivot. In demo.3dm (72.1 KB) you see (under A) a moving line being child of a rotating point. Under B the proxy is firmly rotated by adding a rotation datum only in keyframe 0. I guess a multiplicity of such a systems © is what you need. Of course the proxies in turn can be child of a master object (the fan?) making them move or rotate simultaneously (tick 40 till 50).

Wow, detailed example. I understand. Working with proxy objects - very helpful. :slight_smile:

Is it a bug that we can switch between object and world coordinates, but the transformation doesn’t follow the pivot object coordinate arrows?

No bug. The current situation (move = Worldspace, rotate = selectable, scale = Objectspace) exists since version 1.0
All 3 transformations available in Worldspace as well as in Objectspace would be far more logic, consistent and user-friendly. It is definitely on my wish-list for version 3.0

Sounds like an old bug. :wink:

Marika or Andy, can you help?