Offset Curve on Surface - surface selection only admits part of surface

V5 and V4
OffsetCrvOnSrf select surface is only choosing a partial surface and ignoring the fact that the surfaces are now joined.

I have an aircraft skin running between 5 fuselage frames, each surface was made between each frame then the five joined or unioned, can’t remember…

The OffsetCrvOnSrf command prompts for surface selection but selecting my 5 frame wide surface sees only 1 part of it selected and there is no ‘press enter when finished’ to allow me to select each and every surface of the 5.

As such I end up with an offset on just one fifth of my skin !

This surface works fine for project, just this Offset command that is ‘subselecting’.


Steve, if your five segments are untrimmed, you can use mergesrf to make them all one. Won’t work if they’re trimmed…

I have cloned my surfaces following your advice (as I need to see the dividing lines and MergeSrf nukes them) and then merged them a pair at a time as it allows.


However the very last surface, a thinner strip than the rest, vanishes when I use mergeSrf on the one side of the fuselage, though the same thin strip didnt do so on the other side.

Both strips were the result of their surfaces being trimmed by a line a week ago.


Joined surfaces are no longer just surfaces, they are polysurface faces. Many commands that have “Srf” in the name only work on single surfaces.