Wish: enhance command "OffsetCrv on Surface"

I wish Rhino 6 were strengthened following commands: “Extend Srf (make the command more interactive, example, with handles. and highlight the extended part with option trim)”,
“Extend Crv on Srf (extend the curves interactively, with extension to choose)”, and in particular, “Offset Crv on Srf”.
Take a look at the video of this last command (UGS Nx), I’d like more options were added, such as: trim option and extension curves, and mode option, variable offset.


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Oh I forgot, add the ability to select more than one edge or curve for the offset.

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What do you think? No answer?

OffsetCrvOnSrf will get you an offset curve on a surface-

ExtendCrvOnSrf will extend that curve to the edges of the surface if it misses.

the variable offset curve on surface is cool and would be a great feature add-

a work around would be to use variable offset surface- extrude both sides your original curve on surface, then do a variable offset surface and then intersect that surface to generate the curve on surface…it’s a bit of a work around, but it does work…

Keep in mind any surface curves are going to be generated using edit points and as such will be quite dense. It is a good practice to rebuild or refit these curves to a lower point count as needed.

hope that helps!

You might try TestVariableOffsetOnSrf

Caution: Test Commands are dangerous, they can make your Application crash, use with care, save often.


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as mentioned before: [quote=“davide76, post:2, topic:8470”]
the ability to select more than one edge or curve for the offset

In my view it is very important that OffsetCurveOnSrf would work on joined PolySurface Edges and match the curves across surface boarders with continuity to get proper trim objects. As shown in the GIFs. Furthermore all the commands should do some cleaning up at the corners to avoid reversed loops:


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I would like Rhino 6 to be able to perform offset curve (even on surface) with variable mode (not just constant), by setting parameters: constant, straight line, cubic… etc.
Rhino, in my opinion, should assume a connotation of a “professional” modeler, and not be considered as a multipurpose “toy”.