One offset command for offsetting surfaces and curves


I wonder if there is any possibility to merge “Offset” and “OffsetSrf” commands as one cmd same for the surfaces and curves ? Also “extend” cmd. It is same like in Alias auto studio from Autodesk.



Hi Tom - probably not, unless there is a clear need to do so- what would this get you? One thing that the separated commands gets you is some clarity in selection - for example, what would happen when you click on an edge in a combined Extend command? Should the surface or the edge curve be extended?


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I think it can be merged into one command, see what happens now if I need to extend surface edge, but I have also duplicated curve on the edge of this surface. It shows up the pop-up menu and you choose what do you want to extend.

Of course it “can” be done. But why would you want it to be done?

That’s would be the reason why its a bad idea - it makes more work for the user to have to have to stop and tell Rhino which function you want.

I still resent the fact that offsetSrf and offsetpolysrf were merged into one command. That was a terrible idea.

Now every time I want to offset joined surfaces I have to first explode the surfaces and then offset the surfaces and then copy the result to the clipboard and then undo the offset and then undo the explode and then paste the result.

i use offsetsrf on joined surfaces a lot so over time that represents a huge number of extra steps and as far as I can see there has been no upside. Merging those two functions accomplished nothing but creating extra work for the user.