Offset Command makes spurious self-intersecting loops in new line

I’ve used the offset command extensively over the last year. I’ve been casting my designs for the last few months and I think there’s been an upgrade to my rhino system since then.

Now the offset command is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE in how it works.

It creates a triangular self-intersecting loop darn near everywhere in the newly created line. Sometimes it will create a triangular loop on the triangular loop on the triangular loop! Some of these loops are easy to spot because they are big, others are microscopic.

It’s taking my hours and hours longer to do my next design because of this. Thank God I discovered the TestCrvSelfIntersection or I would be stopped in the water.

This has happened in a number of files.

Can you check this toggle? needs to say yes.

Thank you so much! That fixed it!

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