Offset Error

I have this line that is join , the segments intersect each other, nothing complicated but the offset is not working well,the end result should be the same as the right line, what can be the problem ??

ERROR OFFSET.3dm (25.7 KB)


Hello - yep, thanks, this is on ‘the pile’
RH-42854 Self-intersecting polyline inconsistency.


Hello @pascal,

I have some offset function in my plugin, twhile this bug is not resolved is there any way to get around it?


RH-42854 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hello @brian

Seams that the bug continue the same, please check my example on this topic.


Hi again @brian

Another question :

This is a joint curve with 3 elements (two lines and one arc), is this case rhino
offset create two extra lines, seams to me that is not ok, isn’t it supposed to maintain the same uniformity of the elements?

When it explodes, the two curves are supposed to have the same number of elements.


Hello - I don’t know if offset could pay attention to linear vs arc extensions as the Fillet command does - it seems at least possible, I can add this to the wish pile.

RH-57935 Offer extension options


Hello @pascal

I understand but, my manual example is the correct one for a offset , I will try make my onw
offset for now, but in my option is better fix this.


This is debatable, I would say - it is the answer you want, but when a curve must be extended, ‘correct’ is not that clear. In any case, I will add a wish item.


Yes I agree :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s my point of view, and I think it should work (not invalidating any other way) .

At least I can say that autocad and DraftSigth works this way.

This is my version:

At least the way I think.