Official rhino level 2 problem?

Hi people,
this is my frist appearance here, and I’m having some trouble…
Well I started following official pdf on mcneel site to learn rhino, and it’s great, but after doing some exercise I was wondering if it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong… so here we go >

  1. At page 58-59 ‘‘to create a surface from a network of curves’’ they explain NetworkSrf command, on provided model that came along with training, as you can see in screen, I’ve selected as they said >
    and when you execute command there is a gap when you set rendered view, but surfaces are not joined as seen >

BUT when you join them gap dissapears and that is perfectly fine >

AND PROBLEM IS WITH SWEEP2 Command… I did it exactly as they said >


so is my setting need to be tweaked when using this command since I followed default settings from pdf, or it is a bug??? Because in later use I don’t see as exceptable to have gaps between surfaces…
so any help?
thanks in advance

It could well be a graphics hiccup - you often see little gaps like this if your mesh settings are low (which they are by default).

First thing to do is find out if the edges are actually joined - you need to use Show Edges to find out. Select the naked edges option. This will confirm if you do actually have a gap (if the edges aren’t joined they will be highlighted).

The next thing to do is adjust your mesh settings to improve your display, this should get rid of the gap if it is graphics related. This can be found in Document Properties under mesh. I usually max out this to get a smooth display but you may need to play around with it depending on your hardware.

Thnks, for answer, I did as you propsed >

I have changed mesh settings preview, I hope it’s okay or to boost it more? But as seen after executing command sweep2 and joining two surfaces - edge analysis still shows one edge (one of rail edge, mesh edge) not to be welded/joined …
although in rendered view gap is barely visible, and it looks like it’s connected, edge tools says it is not…
I don’t know what else to do, as I said I followed precisely from pdf… I don’t know, is their mesh screwed or it’s still a bug , or just what to do in these cases when only one edge is not welded and messing things up…
if any solution would be much appreciated,

If Edge Analysis says it’s not joined, it’s not joined. The render meshes aren’t “the model,” they’re a dumbed-down interpretation of it.

I guess the question is why isn’t it joined? The answer is probably that the example file was made about 15 years ago and maybe it was made a little sloppily and tolerance settings get interpreted a bit differently so it doesn’t join. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Lemme check that file and see…yeah one of the cross-section curves doesn’t end ‘exactly’ on the rail edge.

Yes you were rigth!
I took screenshots of all three cross-section lines and their TOP POINTS are not laying on rails…

  1. first cross-section line/point
  2. second cross-section line/point
  3. third cross-section line/point

Thank you very much, this have never crossed my mind untill you said regarding cross section lines must be on rail lines… It makes a man to really repeat about some rules and theory learned in last pdf training…little hiccup, but it’s a savior to hear those little things from experinced user…
again thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report - please use the corresponding curves from the Network layer for the Sweep2 for now.


Yes will do, thnks for reply… If I run on any other irregularities regarding on following pdf level 1 or 2, I will report/write… and just a suggestion If I may?
It would be incredibly helpful and very rock solid if someone from Mcneel made a ‘‘in-house’’ detailed tutorial regarding automotive modeling, since that includes advanced curve editing/drawing and also advance surface methods regarding editing/making/modeling those. There are some sources from internet - youtube, pluralsight (former digital tutors), (has a nice pdf) BUT if your professionals from company make a detailed video tut. iT WOULD WORTH A SOLID GOLD… what a better way to make automotive tutorial than from guys that ‘‘made’’ rhinoceros 3d…
all the best wishes

Hi Ranko.
You might find some good info here:

I will take a look
thnks man

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