Sweep2 and NetworkSrf Don't Match Rails

Hello! I’m trying to make curved surfaces that I can join together to form a watertight solid. However, even though my rails match perfectly, the edges of the resulting surfaces don’t line up.

Here are my rails and section curves:

Here are the resulting Sweep2 surfaces:

Here are the resulting NetworkSrf surfaces:

Here is my file:
Why Isn’t this Working.3dm (1.1 MB)

In both cases, there is a tiny, almost imperceptible gap along the spine where the two surfaces meet. I can join them together, but there will still be a naked edge there.

What can I do to make the edges actually match?

Thank you so much!

Check the junctions, all the curves should meet perfectly in any points.

Hi Orion - is this kink in your curves there by design or should it be smooth?

NetworkSrf is a fine tool if given appropriate input, but it cannot make a kinked surface - so at this location the surface will not stick to the input curves.

Is the intention that the top of this be smooth when you are all done? 'Cause the section curves do not meet tangent at the top ‘spine’ curve. In some cases they do not meet at all-


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Hello Pascal,

First of all, thank you for your help!

  1. The kink is by design, but I didn’t realize that NetworkSrf cannot make a kinked surface. Do you know if Sweep2 also has this same limitation? Would you recommend making those surfaces separately?

  2. I don’t intend for the top of the surface to be smooth-- I want a sort of crease or spine. This is so that each side of the “arch” is tangent to the curve it is rising from.

  3. If in some cases the curves don’t meet at all, that would certainly explain why things don’t line up! Thank you for catching that. I thought I had double-checked all of them, but I must have made a mistake somewhere. Do you think there might be an issue with tolerances?