Gap Between Surfaces After Using Sweep And Split

Hey guys. I have an issue that I can’t figure out. After using sweep to make a flat surface so that the texture mapping is correct, a gap occurred between the outer edge surface and the sweeped surface. In the wireframe, it shows correctly as the two surfaces are touching, but in shaded view and after rendering, there is a gap. This gap also has occurred when I tried splitting the surface as well. Is there any solution to this, or do I have to work around it?

Using Rhino 5

edit: The issue persists not only with sweep. If I use the planar surface command based on the silhouette, it still gives me those gaps. Making new interpolated curves and creating a surface out of that still shows gaps, adjusting control points still shows gaps. Could it be a setting that’s off? I’ve adjusted the tolerances to something much finer and there is no change.

Hi Rudy - see - the display meshes used for shading the view are a little loose for the shape - Join should also clean that up.



Thanks! Yeah, that makes it better now