Offest SubD Face based on Face's Normal

How do I offset all four faces based on their normals?

Any help will be really appreciated. That is a very fundamental functionality when working with SubD in Maya.

the current options that the current “extrude subd” command provides is an axisdirection but unfortunately this is not related to the faces normals.

Many thanks,

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Thanks, this request is filed as RH-57799, I added your vote. In the meantime, you could use ExtractControlPolygon and then ExtrudeMesh with Basis UVN and Direction Z. Then ToSubD that result. I know it is needed for SubD though and it is planned.

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use the DragMode command to select a normal

Thanks Brian. It will be great if possible that future development allows to extrude multiple faces to their own normal at once.

Hi Inju, Can you illustrate how to apply the changes with the DragModel command in multiple faces?

Hi Brian,

I tried the ExtrudeMesh commnand. Unfortunately this does not seem to extrude equally the faces. Refer to the image below.

Is there any way I could have the result below?


Sorry, I was wrong, the DragMode command UVN mode on the SubD multiple faces doesn’t work.
Through ControlPolygon, the choice of UVN mode works.

Thanks, I filed that as a request…

RH-57799 is fixed in the latest WIP


Well done to the development team! Looking forward to seeing this new feature!

And it also works now with edges, controlpoints and edit points. Also with SoftTransform enabled, old wishes came true.
Thank you Rhino team!