OffSet SubD on part of SubD

I want also to ask for a new feature: offset SubD (or mesh) should work with faces, not only whole SubD/mesh:
Or for ExtrudeSubD to have an option to use face normals and not vertex normals.

Left is ExtrudeSubD result.
Middle is original selection.
Right is doing:

  • extract surface
  • OffsetSubD Solid=true
  • removing duplicate faces and joining all together again, removing creases

ExtrudeSubD gives a cool dynamic preview while you move mouse cursor of the extrusion amount.
OffsetSubD does not, only a numerical input and you only see the result after command completion.

Being mesh/subd offset only a “move vertexes by the vertex normal*amount” it should be lightweight… no? But it would be much cooler and give a more modern feeling to use.

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Gumball + F4

… no?
Maybe I don’t know how to use it… but don’t Gumball extrude everything of the selection with a single vector/direction?
I still want each face to extrude by its own normal.
Maybe let’s not talk about face normals, but of vertexes normal ignoring not-selected neighbors.

Sorry, so I misunderstood you.
The results for ExtrudeSubD and through Gumball are different.

extrude face (32.0 KB)

I think we should have both options…

Agreed, T-Splines is able to do this.

this is on the dev list and has been for a while.