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I found this link searching in the web how Rhino born

This info solve some doubts for me but I want to know how many users are here from the begging and if it could be possible to share some pictures of the interfaces, icons, models etc of that initial versions or betas.

I dont found so much on the web.
sorry for the off topic.

Rhino 1.0…



:open_mouth: love it

What about AccuModel or Sculptura actually you guys took the correct way for the 3D model industry, I really can´t figure out working in AutoCad with accuModel and grasshopper plugins .

I notice the entire history never went for more than 2 years without a significant event. Until 2015, whence there was nothing further. :disappointed:

the same 2 years we are on beta rhino 6 or what do you mean?

I’m pretty sure it will be 2018 before V6 is released.

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I´ve just been waiting for Rhino turns into parametric history option I think It is its biggest weakness if it had a history like solidworks catia Nx etc I think all users of inventor would be users of Rhino and be more powerful because you have a lot of stuff to work. Whatever I’m inlove of grasshopper.

Are you not involved in Serengeti? We release weekly updates to what we are working, and have for years. These releases are free to owners of the current version.

– Dale

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No please don’t. The freedom of the past, and especially the parametric approach, is one of the reasons Rhino is so flexible. GrassHopper fills a pseudo-parametric gap when it’s needed.

// Rolf

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In creative process I really love works with rhino but in other cases you have to redraw everything you could adjust control points and move or something like that and it’s ok but definitely I would love just changing one parameter in my history and magic occurs obviously you could make some stuff with grasshopper, just to add a relation I have to add 5 commands in canvas is another type to modelling.

Of course. I just loaded up the latest beta yesterday. But it’s not released, is it? Otherwise it would be history.
Just an observation, not a serious dig.

but what if a parametric option would be tighter than grasshopper implemented directly into rhino and you could even choose to enable it like history?

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it’s their software I just think if it was fully parametric more user would be interested in rhino in every kind of modelling or manufacturing industries I mean parametric, nurbs, generative, CAM, CAE etc…

The history page linked above was last updated in 2015. I would not assume no updates since then means nothing has happened. It probably means no one has taken time to update the page.

From the bottom of the history page: rhino/rhinohistory.txt · Last modified: 2015/09/14 (external edit)

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