Wait for Rhino 6 Release for Mac or Renew v5?

Curious about when the official v6 release will be available for the Mac. My v5 expired and am wondering if I should re new my license for v5 or wait for v6. Also wanted to confirm that parametric capabilities will be available in v6. Over the past 8 months I switched to Fusion 360 as I need the parametric capability, but wanting to go back to Rhino as I prefer the user interface and workflow.

Thanks, Andreu

Not before it’s ready. We don’t work with a shipping deadline.

Since this is very general, I can only give a very general reply: there won’t be parametric capabiliteis in Rhino 6.

I’m not a Mac Rhino authority by any means, but I am nevertheless under the impression that Mac Rhino includes Grasshopper. Grasshopper is Rhino’s substitute for traditional parametric capability, isn’t it?

Of course, if Andreu wants Rhino to work like Catia or some other parametric modeler, he is out of luck.

Yes, it does, even the current V5. So I assumed that was not what he was talking about when he mentioned parametrics.

I’m confused.
What do you mean your Rhino V5 license “expired”?
Do you mean the 90-day evaluation?

Thanks to everyone for your replies. In the context of my personal needs regarding paramertrics:
When designing RTA plywood furniture for CNC routing, sheet thickness effects dimensions of mortise+tenon joints etc. Or when designing a ring (jewelry), it’s diameter is the variable in 3d print production - to account for the customer’s finger size, etc.

These are fairly basic examples and that’s all I’m looking for. I started out using Rhino in the furniture example, but encountered the need to vary the sheet thickness in my designs, hence me moving to Fusion 360. I am not familiar with Grasshopper, but if it can address both needs above then I’d be happy to switch back to Rhino/Grasshopper.

I am also considering getting a PC and dedicate that machine for my 3D design projects (I am a ux designer by trade and use a Mac for my business/work). I have been advised that this is the best way to go as Rhino for Windows provides more capabilities than Rhino for the Mac.

Currently I can run Rhino v5, but it says that my license is expired and cannot save. Screen shot attached.
Appreciate your feedback, thanks.

Ah, that looks like a 90-day free evaluation.
Permanent purchased licenses to not expire.
We have no subscriptions, or annual “maintenance” schemes.

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Thanks John, good to know!

Yes, it can.

For Rhino 6, we are aiming at feature parity between Mac and Windows.


Thanks Wim

Rhino Mac 5.5.2 is already pretty good, and Rhino 6 Mac is very, very promising. McNeel is doing a great job on the mac versions, they imporve quickly. Grasshopper is also alredy in very good shape on the mac. We did put our sheeps on the mac and stayed with it. And are not regretting it.

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sounds good, thanks for the input OXII!