Odd surfaces from iges file

I received 2 iges files today and I can’t get the surfaces to join. I can’t upload the whole file but here are 3 of the surfaces, What reports they have only one edge which seems strange. How can I convert them to 4 edges like you’d expect.

Thanks Mark

temp.3dm (55.8 KB)

Hi Mark- Set the file tolerance to .001, UntrimBorder (Keep=Yes), then retrim the surfaces with the border curves. I have always thought it weird that IGES import does not split up kinky edges…

BTW, Join will split up edges so just joining these surfaces will sort it out as well.


Hi Pascal, Join doesn’t work for me.

The original file had .001 tolerance I’d dropped it to .01 when things wouldn’t join before I found the real problem. Is untrim the only way, there are a lot of surfaces in the files.

Thanks Mark

Hi Mark - the three objects joined OK in the file you sent… does that not work for you?


Hi Pascal

I’ve found the problem with SR9 64bit it joins up, but on my other computer I use for email I have RC 10 32 bit dated 15/10/2014 and the surfaces don’t join!

Thanks Mark.