OcTree and freely element

I created with “OcTree” a grid that in the higher part is denser because it will help me in the structural analysis. I would like to ask 2 things:

  • How can I manage the transition from a large cube to a smaller cube more gradually?
  • after I use “trim with brep” there are some free elements, how can I identify them and then delete them?

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grid 12-12.3dm (9.3 MB)
grid 12-12.gh (13.1 KB)

You can’t, at least not with OcTree. When an OcTree box subdivides it always does so exactly down the middle into eight (hence ‘oc’) subboxes. If you want to create different layers of boxes with different dimensions, I think you’d be better off using a different approach.

Also the Population component takes nearly a minute to complete. Do you really need a poisson-ish distribution of points for this?

ok thank you for the explanation. About “population component” yes, i need that kind of density in the upper part, but i know only that way, for the freely element how i can select and delete quickly?

Thank you again

If the only purpose is to generate the points to force the OcTree to be more dense, you can just generate random points. That would be much quicker. randompoints.gh (9.3 KB)

And here’s a way to generate horizontal layers of cubes where you get to control the thickness of each layer individually. stacked box layers.gh (22.2 KB)

if i use that script is it possible attach my brep?

How is it supposed to be attached? I mean, yes, everything that you could do before you can do now. You had your brep and a bunch of boxes, and you still have your brep and a different bunch of boxes.

sorry but i don’t understand, how i can add my brep id i use this solution?

What role does the brep play in this? What does it need to do?

ps. I’ll be out for a few hours after this.

i want populate the brep but not with population 3d, becouse you suggest to change.
Populate 3d is more simple becouse the input and output is more easy


my brep is this, in population 3d i can add but here i don’t understand

my finally question is, how can i control my point in my brep with the script (i attach below) yiu suggest to me?

sorry if sometimes i’m not clear
Thank a lot for the support