Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto

hello everyone
maybe someone has tried to make this pavilion? It would help me a lot if I had a guide.

I would:

  1. Make a 3 dimensional grid structure
  2. Model some blobby thing and cut the grid with it
  3. Pipe the structure
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Can you explain to me how to cut it? Sorry I am learning Grasshopper

could be like this: (186.9 KB)

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You are awesome! thanks!
Just one last question. I did your sequence but at this point, I want to change the shape. How did you do that kind of sphere? I tried to do it in rhino and then “Set one brep” but it does not cut.

It is probably just not drawn , if you select the last component you should see the result

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Hi, it’s me again.
I’ve been working on this project since that day. I want to give more density in some places than others. Something like this. Do you know how can I do it with Grasshopper?


You could try using octree as a way of deciding where to increase the mesh density, in each cuboid, if there is a higher number of points, it will split it in 4 until the minimum box size is reached or the number of control points is less than the amount to split.