Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto

hello everyone
maybe someone has tried to make this pavilion? It would help me a lot if I had a guide.

I would:

  1. Make a 3 dimensional grid structure
  2. Model some blobby thing and cut the grid with it
  3. Pipe the structure
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Can you explain to me how to cut it? Sorry I am learning Grasshopper

could be like this: (186.9 KB)

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You are awesome! thanks!
Just one last question. I did your sequence but at this point, I want to change the shape. How did you do that kind of sphere? I tried to do it in rhino and then “Set one brep” but it does not cut.

It is probably just not drawn , if you select the last component you should see the result

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Hi, it’s me again.
I’ve been working on this project since that day. I want to give more density in some places than others. Something like this. Do you know how can I do it with Grasshopper?


You could try using octree as a way of deciding where to increase the mesh density, in each cuboid, if there is a higher number of points, it will split it in 4 until the minimum box size is reached or the number of control points is less than the amount to split.

Hi, I’m not sure how to connect this structure to OcTree to achieve that difference in density that Majopaez was working on. Do I have to change the Curve to Points to plug it in? And is there a way for me to cut out a section of the structure directly in Grasshopper to look more like this image?
serpentine (198.7 KB)
(the OcTree part at the bottom is just me trying to use it)

I wouldn’t use the octree component, but implement the algorithm using basic blocks.
The basic idea would be to use points. The denser the points in a region, the smaller the division.

To cut out a section, probably use a boolean operation like intersection.