Occasionally Materials all of a sudden render as pure black

This just started happening to me and my coworkers as soon as we switched from R8 Beta to R8 commercial.

Randomly certain materials will all of a sudden display as pure black. Recreating the material from scratch is the only work around. The materials in question work fine in multiple files, across multiple users and devices until all of a sudden, bam, they render as black. I have tried putting the material in question in a different folder and updating the file path.

I just discovered that that copy & paste command will trigger a material to render as black. However I can use the command freely with no issue until all of a sudden completely out of no where I will copy and paste something and then a whole bunch of my objects render as black. Video below. I also recently had a problem where my coworker would open a file and all her materials were rendering as white…

Also, adjusting any of the material settings such as the size slider will trigger the material to render as black.

Hi @brady1,

Thanks for the forum post. I’m curious to see if others have run into this one too. I filed this as RH-78223 last week for future reference and hopefully the developers will look into it soon. I am not seeing the same copy and paste issue here however. Can you use Export to save only that object from your video, with the material applied, and post it here? Thanks.


I exported and created that file like you said but the problem does not occur in there

Okay thanks for letting us know. I’ll need the developers to look into the bug report I’ve filed already but I am thinking this is all connected, although I have yet to be able to cause the issue in the first place. Only fix it by editing the material which it seems Export is fixing as well.

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I was able to fix it once by quitting and restarting Rhino. Doesn’t work every time though.