BUG Rh8 Materials Changing in Worksession When Switching Projects

Hi Rhino Insiders,

I’m experiencing an issue with materials in Worksessions. I can’t make the render right. When I switch from one active project to another, the materials change unexpectedly. I’ve attached two screenshots to illustrate the differences between the projects. I’m using the latest Rh8 SR8 (8.8.24163.12481, 2024-06-11)

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how did you resolve it?
I would greatly appreciate any insights, bug reports, or solutions!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best, Alan

I’ve been experiencing all sorts of issues like this since R8 was introduced. They are reduced now, but even in my most recent image, I would find that I didn’t even need to switch window, and the lighting would just arbitrarily change.

Materials seem a little more stable, but they still do the same thing. But mostly, it is lighting that is extremely unstable sometimes.

I have driven myself loopy when I have reopened Rhino, and materials have changed, and more importantly the lighting seems an utter mess.

One interesting example is spotlights. If I switch between the falloff modes, I can go full circle from “Linear” to “Constant”, then back to “Linear”… but Linear is not the same as Linear! It’s a nightmare, as the brightness is utterly changed.

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Just to clarify, the issue is consistent when switching between projects and then returning to the original one. The materials continue to change each time I switch back and forth to a defined material.

I do not know how to proceed with this because when I try to fix the material, since it is not from the protection, it is not possible, and a warning pops up.

Hi Alan,

I’m trying to replicate your issue with no success.

Can you provide steps to repeat?


r8-01-base.3dm (42.5 KB)
r8-01-green.3dm (215.7 KB)
RenderMaterials.rws (2.4 KB)
r8-01-copper.3dm (179.7 KB)
r8-01-red.3dm (162.7 KB)

Bug Report 35 RH-82707

Yes Japhy
I isolated two meshes, one for each project, and the issue was able to persist in the new file on the wall color material. I make a bug report and upload it as a zip.

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