Obtain the desired curve

Hi, I am new to Rhino and I am aiming to obtaing this type of shape

What tools do I use to get it as accurate as possible for my staircase.


You need to give more explanation. How does the panel relate to your staircase? How do you define accuracy? What form does your staircase take? Do you have a starting model you can share?

People are happy to help, but in doing so they are giving up their time. Respect that and make it easy for them to understand what you want and you will have a better chance of getting a useful response.


Hi, this image shows a series of staircases all following the same pattern, the way I want to do it is have just one of them and so that there is enough headroom, that’s what I meant by saying accurate. I don’t know how to manipulate the upper shape so that I make the stairs to be usable.

I’ve already worked on the bottom part and now I am trying to connect it to the upper part so that the design flows in the same way we can see on the image attached previously. If it is still not clear enough, please let me know and I will give a further description.
I used the command loft and I received the following outcome and in this way the design is not feasible

And the idea is to make this two shapes blend the way they do on the image

I would make the first step and its sidewalls as one item by drawing a 2d elevation based on your first panel and extruding it backwards to create a solid. Then array the solid along the curve defining the line of the stairs, using the roadlike option.

You will probably need to experiment with the depth of the stairs to get the right overlap to avoid gaps.


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