Rotating a bent curve

Hi All,

New here and new to Rhino thank you in advance for any assistance and I do hope to be able to contribute to the community at some point…

The problem I have is shown in the JPG attached.

The white retaining wall along the stairs needs to be at approx 250mm above the stair treads parallel to the stairs. The correct retaining wall would follow the profile of the stairs on all planes and finish flush with the top step (as pictured)…

I hope this makes sense and there is a way to explain how this can be achieved?

Any commands I have tried aren’t getting me anywhere

Drawing 1 - Curved Stairs.3dm (256.5 KB)


Drawing 1 - Curved Stairs.3dm (339.2 KB)


Thanks vikthor! I didn’t even know the Dupedge command so that has helped me a lot!..
I actually used it on the other edge of the stairs, extended the curves with the gumball and lofted them together and got the result i needed.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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its painful how much time i spent trying to do this simple operation myself. With your input it took me about 5 minutes!