Tutorial/suggestions to build this? (This is my Sketchup version.)

I modeled this in Sketchup. It is very in accurate. I fudged a lot, the handrail lofted crooked, and lots of other problems. Though I’ve taken some Rhino classes, It’s been a while. I have an accurate plan in dwg. Any suggestions on how to go forward would be appreciated.


there’s a lot to do there but one approach to take would be something like so:

start with the 2D layout and a storyboard… get the tread planes drawn and moved into place… this will help ensure the numbers are right etc and give you the angles:

use InterpCrv to make a curve through the stringer nose (red)… probably keep a copy of the curve for later use with the handrail:


Trim and OffsetSrf

and just keep going along like that… always referencing the tread planes to keep things accurate and in the proper location.

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Thanks Jeff. I hope to have some time on the weekend to begin modeling this for my own edification. Will post here as I progress.