Any tips on how to model these Stairs Blending into Topography?

Here’s what I try to achieve with my steps.

Here’s my project:

Hello - here’s a simple example, some variation on this may do it -

  1. Make start and end curves for the shape, cyan, and TweenCurves to get the interior curves. (Blue)
    Keep the curves simple.
  2. project the curves, with Loose=Yes to your surface.
  3. Loft pairs of projected curves ‘Straght sections’ style
  4. Turn on points for the surfaces
  5. Level pairs of points in the interior of the steps

  • leave the end 2 or 3 points alone.
  1. Extrude the ‘leading’ edges downward to form the front of the steps. Trim and clean up…

StepsInSurface.3dm (331.6 KB)


Thank you @pascal
This is really helpful