Curved stairs and wall


I’m working on a project involving an interconnected building with varying heights, and I want to link the different sections using stairs that curve along the natural shape of the circular areas, as shown in the screenshot. I’m relatively new to Rhino and would appreciate your guidance on how to create these curved stairs. I’m also aiming to close off a certain space (refer to the screenshot) by adding a wall, but the ‘planarsrf’ command isn’t producing the desired results. Could you suggest an alternative command?

Thanks for your help

favourite landform.3dm (1.8 MB)

do you mean something like this?

Yes :slight_smile:

One way:

_ExtrudeCrv: (with set direction)

_ExtrudeSrf (solid=yes deleteinput=yes)


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but better:

make a helping line perpendicular to the edge of the circle and extrude it.
Set Cplane to that surface and make a curve to revolve:

revolve around the center of the circle:

array linear in direction of the drawn rectangle:

make 2 cutplanes along the walls:

BooleanSplit (or CreateSolid) and remove the remainders:

Thank you very much! Do you also have any advice on addressing the wall issue?

and if you want to go the gh way: (26.9 KB)

Not clear from the sketch what you want to do there.