Objects which reference material images show in black when rendered

Hi Jeff. I have been using the new laptop exclusively since it arrived 2 weeks ago. A few minutes ago, I saw the first instance of black objects on the new laptop. I did not manage to capture an image, as it appeared during a print to Rhino PDF. I noticed the black objects on a Layout page when the File Save dialogue was presented. I clicked Cancel, and the objects were immediately displayed in the correct colour. It was a solid basic colour, not an image based material.

That probably removes hardware from the culprit list.

I have switched to the 4 view main display, and the Perspective now contains lots of black. The image is included below.

I have the update frequency set to Service Release Candidate. Immediately before the black images were displayed, Rhino updated to:

Version 6 SR17
(6.17.19189.16411, 8/07/2019)

Since that update, I am now seeing thicker printed lines on some objects, as shown below.

Before the update:

After the update:


The thicker lines appear on Technical Details of Layout pages. I have not changed the Options settings.

The line weight problem occurs with RhinoPDF and PDFCreator, so it is probably an issue within Rhino.

I have created a separate posting for the line weight issue. PDF line weight became heavy after Rhino 6 update to SR17 (6.17.19189.16411, 8/07/2019)

It is back. This is the black image which I saw last night. It is back this morning. It is on Layout Page 10. I switched to Page 9, then back to Page 10. The black appeared, then immediately flashed to the correct colours, which are a mix of basic colours and image based materials.

Happy digging! I will make some time to run some tests with the stripped down file that you prepared earlier.

Regards, Garry.